Our spirit

We believe in...

Team work

It is through the combination of skills that we evolve as a team and we can respond to all types of projects.


We carefully evaluate the requirements of each project and present solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

Research and innovation

We have a highly competitive spirit and we are always aware of changes and trends in the world of technology.


We make it a point for our clients to accompany and engage in all stages of the development of their projects.


We believe in devising action plans as a way to overcome challenges and successfully achieve objectives.


We estimate very carefully the time required for the development and completion of the phases of each project.

Kripty Kriptiko mascot

Meet our mascot

Kripty Kriptiko mascot

Kripty is our beloved war machine. And like any good warrior, Kripty is always ready for a fight. So, if you need any help to knock out your competitors, give him a call...

Our clients

Meet some amazing people!

Kriptiko Client - A. J. Bem
A. J. Bem
Kriptiko Client - Domus Beauty
Domus Beauty
Kriptiko Client - SIGMASYS
Kriptiko Client - Vila Isabel d'ouro Hostel
Vila Isabel
Kriptiko Client - BOGA
Kriptiko Client - DomoSat
Kriptiko Client - it4life
Kriptiko Client - MacInox

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