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Kindergarten security: A digital Checkpoint for the 21st century

The idea was born after we realized that many kindergartens are still recording children's entries and exits on paper. Since the beggining, our goal was to develop a web application that would speed up the way the nurseries register the children's entrances and exits. However, throughout the development phase, new ideas emerged, new functionalities were developed and the application evolved. The end result is a complete solution that allows managing different aspects related to the daily activity of the kindergartens.

From the paper age to the digital age

To record in paper all the data related to the assiduity of the children is a common practice, but represents a risk when it comes to the management and maintenance of that information. Imagine that it is necessary to determine how many absences a child has given over the course of a school year. The task is seemingly simple, but it can take several hours of work to query dozens of log pages. Storing the information in digital form is an effective solution to speed up such time consuming routines.

The Kid Safety Box application simplifies several processes, since it allows to treat and filter information in seconds, in order to determine different aspects related to each student's attendance, such as absences, schedule compliance, among others.

Kid Safety Checkpoint

It is the application component responsible for recording the children's entries and exits. Checkpoint also has some security features, such as capturing the signature of the parent as well as the employee's pin authentication.

Kid Safety Checkpoint - Login page and students list
Kid Safety Checkpoint - Login page and students list

Here's some of the Kid Safety Checkpoint's features:

  • Registration of children's entrances and exits
  • Signature recording of authorized person to leave or fetch child
  • Teacher or employee pin authentication

Kid Safety Admin

It is the component that allows the admins to manage the information necessary for the Web application to function. Kid Safety Admin also allows admins to consult graphs and statistics and to issue reports for each class room in PDF format.

Kid Safety Admin - Graphs and reports
Kid Safety Admin - Graphs and reports

Here's some of the main tasks that you can do with Kid Safety Admin's:

  • Setting of school years
  • Insert valences and class rooms
  • Insert students and guardians
  • Insert teachers and staff
  • Query statistics and attendance history
  • Issue reports of entries and exits for each student or class room, by date intervals

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